Swedish health authorities discover every girl in one class had undergone genital mutilation: report

The Muslim Issue

Appalling dhimmitude: Children in Britain are taken by their teacher to visit a local mosque. Here they are taught to supplicate to a medieval tribal warlord who built his entire life around brutality and crimes; rape, carnage, invasions, hatred and enmity against every community around him, horrendous abuse and murder of women, racism, sodomy of infants, theft and robbery, greed and cruelty. Photo shows how British children learn to pray to that tribal man, and to honor him.

Fifteen years ago many Swedes would not have known that primitive practices so debased, that people willingly mutilate small children – only female children of course – by cutting their entire clitoris and vagina out, did even exist. Today, their own country is covered in a culture that belongs in the dark ages.

Its very dangerous for a country to import this kind of culture. The Swedish government must be made responsible…

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An unrelenting pursuer and spreader of a transparency-driven quest for the unvarnished truth and a need to provide the other side of the story and a basis for understanding why some opponents must rely on deceiving, shielding, manipulating the information flow, (by any means necessary), so that even reasonably intelligent folks don't receive a complete enough look at the issues upon which to make an adequately judged decision.
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